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Astor Transportation Media is a New York based business specializing in creative large format advertising on moving billboards. We help our clients expand their brand awareness through an in-house inter-city operations and major metro area divisions, with routes designed to get the most visible coverage while offering passengers a unique, safe and direct ride.

Where will your marketing take you?
What we offer
   Astor Transportation Media offers full vehicle wraps in vibrant colors in a large format offering 270 degrees of eye level advertising on one of the most travelled Interstate corridors throughout the Unites States. 

Major Metro Markets

Astor Transportation Media uses in-house dedicated equipment as well as our local network of direct vendors to offer a strategic plan for our clients. Our research allows for direct marketing opportunities in specific zones within the metro areas - allowing for increased impressions in the geographix region.

Currently offering coverage in the following major metro areas: New York City, NY | Philadelphia, PA | Miami, FL | Otlando, FL | Tampa, FL - our network is always growing.

Inter-City Routes

Astor Transportation Media offers our clients a unique marketing opportunity through a network of inter-city operations in key markets connecting the Northeast and Southeast United States. This large format advertising opportunity allows coverage points in key metropolitan areas along our scheduled routes: Boston, MA | Hartford, CT | New Haven, CT | New York City, NY | Philadelphia, PA | Baltimore, MD | Washington, DC | Richmond, VA |Raleigh-Durham, NC | Wilmington, NC | Jacksonville, NC. We are working on rolling out future opportunities to advertise on buses in other key areas throughout Virginia and North Carolina.


In addition to established, scheduled routes, our clients have the opportunity to have their large format ads displayed on other charter events that occur throughout our service areas. Charters allow our clients brand to be seen in a more concentrated area for a longer period of time.

WiFi / Screen Sponsorship

Astor Transportation Media incorporates all of our clients promotional materials for operation riders as well. Sponsorship on our video messages, geo-fence controlled at all stop locations are automatically controlled without any driver interaction. Just another example of streamline service for our clients.